At the heart of Croydon’s culinary hangouts lies The Tava Shop, an emblem of Indian street food excellence which can be classified as one of the leading restaurants in United Kingdom. This eatery stands as a beacon, showcasing an array of flavoursome delights that capture the essence of India’s street food culture.

Indian Street Food Extravaganza at The Tava Shop, Croydon

Nestled among the bustling High Street of Croydon, accessible from East Croydon train station, The Tava Shop offers an authentic and immersive experience into the world of Indian street food in the UK. The diverse menu with its several tantalising specialties capture the essence of Indian flavours.

Vada Pav:

The iconic Tava Shop Vada Pav, a quintessential street food marvel, takes centre stage. A harmonious blend of a spicy potato fritter nestled within a soft bun, adorned with chutneys and herbs, beckons the taste buds and echoes the vibrant streets of Mumbai.

Pav Bhaji:

Another standout offering is the Pav Bhaji, a savory medley of mashed vegetables cooked to perfection in a melange of spices, served with buttery pav buns. This beloved dish captivates with its rich flavors and aromatic allure.

Khati Roll:

The Tava Shop’s rendition of the Khati Roll is a delightful amalgamation of flavors, featuring a tantalizing filling wrapped in a soft flatbread. Bursting with spices and textures, this portable feast is a favourite among those seeking a quick, flavourful bite.


For those craving a symphony of flavours, the chaat selection at The Tava Shop is unparalleled. From the tangy-spicy explosion of Pani Puri to the crunchy goodness of Sev Puri, each bite delivers an explosion of flavours and textures that transport diners to the vibrant streets of India.

Rasmalai Cake:

Innovating with tradition, The Tava Shop presents the Rasmalai Cake, a delightful fusion dessert blending the creamy decadence of Rasmalai with the spongy essence of cake—a delectable finale to a street food adventure.

Embracing Authentic Indian Street Food in Croydon

As one of the leading Indian restaurants in the UK, The Tava Shop in Croydon not only serves as a beacon for Indian cuisine enthusiasts but also encapsulates the essence of Indian street food culture. Through its delectable offerings like Vada Pav, Pav Bhaji, Khati Roll, Rasmalai Cake, and a myriad of chaats, The Tava Shop invites patrons on a flavoursome journey, celebrating the best of Indian street food right in the heart of South London.